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Founded in 2007, Historic Tours of Newport is a service oriented company offering comprehensive tours (both public and private) of Newport and Newport’s mansions, showcasing their individuality and uniqueness.

Historic Tours of Newport includes all the architectural, social and religious history from the 1600s to the gilded age of the 1900s. Continual research revealed some very difficult times in Newport’s history. Through many books and publications we have documented a fascinating tour of Newport when Colonists looking for religious freedom left an oppressive Massachusetts Colony along with Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson.

The tour details how Newport became the capital of Rhode Island and fell into the control of the British. A few years later Newport was blockaded by the British causing a complete economic collapse. The population of Newport dwindled from about three thousand to less than five hundred. One hundred years later Newport became the play ground of the 400 Club, the richest families and how they built America.

Historic Tours of Newport will amaze you with details and stories of 380 years of local history. Our tour is all new for the 2014 season. Come and enjoy a lively and informative time!

Historic Tours of Newport was also voted Best Tour of Newport three years in a row by SP & Associates.